My work received the 1st Price of the competition Input/Output from CC Bruges and the city Bruges.
Het Nieuwsblad
, De Krant van West-Vlaanderen.

Flat invites, duo with Johan De Wilde, Hopstreet Gallery Window, Brussels

Video interview by Kunstwerkt for their upcoming project ‘A Paper / A Day’. Watch the video here (in Dutch).

‘Johan De Wilde invites’, Hopstreet Gallery Deurle. Group exhibition with works by Rik De Boe, Wim Bouciqué, Marthe Coolens, Johan De Wilde, Marc Nagtzaam and Fabrice Souvereyns. Curated by Johan De Wilde.

‘Selected works for Drawing Now and Art Brussels 2020’, Hopstreet gallery Brussels, group exhibition with works by Sara Bjarland FI, Julie Cockburn UK, Jonathan Callan UK, Johan De Wilde BE, Fabrice Souvereyns BE, Egon Van Herreweghe & Thomas Min BE, Jan Van Munster NL and Tinus Vermeersch BE.
Photo © Thomas Min

‘Dancing with pencils’, solo exhibition in Hopstreet gallery Brussels, in dialogue with ‘perforations’ Paul Bourgeois. Photo © We Document Art

Nomination for the BILL Award 2019, the Ultima prize for young talent under the age of 26 from the Flemish government. Watch the video here

‘Into Limbo’, Off The, Grid in Cas-co Leuven. Group exhibition with works by Charlotte Stuby, Jan Duerinck, Glenn Ryszko, Ash Bowland, Cédric Urbanski and Fabrice Souvereyns. Curated by Bram Van Breda.

‘Draw the line’, Kunstpodium T Tilburg. Group exhibition with works by Iris Van Den Bersselaar, Lisa Blaauwbroek, Sanne Boekel, Vince Donders, Tim Enthoven, Willem De Haan, Kamagurka, Jelmer Konjo, Jeroen De Leijer, Tja Ling, Floor Rieders, Fieke Ruitinga, Toni Van Tiel, Manon Van Trier, Fabrice Souvereyns, Jose Quintanar and Nina Van De Ven.

‘Visible/Invisible’, Hopstreet gallery Brussels, group exhibition with works by Joachim Grommek, Marcia Hafif, Matts Leiderstam, Fabrice Souvereyns, Freddy van Parys and Dan van Severen. Photo © David Samyn.

Drawing Now 2019, Le Carreau du Temple Paris. With works by Johan De Wilde, Tinus Vermeersch and Fabrice Souvereyns, with Hopstreet Gallery.

‘Grey walls’, solo exhibition in CC Scharpoord Knokke. Invited by Jo Coucke.

Paper Positions Basel 2018, Ackermannshof. Duo show with Tinus Vermeersch with Hopstreet gallery.

Lecture for students and teachers from Kunsthumaniora Sint-Lucas Ghent, at Carrington.

Book: Staircase mural project, copy 60 (last ones).

Jury Award 2017, LUCA School of Arts with mentor Peter Morrens.